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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds beauty wherever I go.
My greatest joy? Creating and capturing connection.

Behind the Lens

Amy Kolo

About Charlottes Top Wedding Photographer

It's "KOLO" as in KOH-LOW-JAY

I'm a total Enneagram 9 though so I'll never tell you when you're saying it wrong. 

You might remember me from my days as 
Sunshower Photography

Your love, your wedding day, your experience, your memories. I’m just the lucky one who gets to catch it all as it unfolds. I make it my mission to memorialize the energy and love of your day in a way that’s uniquely, beautifully you.

My approach to photography is a little different than the rest. I’m not the girl who’s going to stand stoically in the corner and snap up the necessary shots without ever being truly involved. I’m the one who’ll be getting misty-eyed behind the lens when you share your first dance, and holding up your bustle alongside your best friend when it comes unfastened on the dance floor.

My ode to all the best love stories, my tribute to true love, comes in the form of honest, emotionally charged photographs that make your memories last a lifetime. I do this by focusing on the little things - those moments hiding out amongst the milestones - and showcasing the personalities of you and your loved ones.

Ready to show your love story to the world? Scroll on for a few things you really need to know!

I'm amy kolodziej

about the artist

Literally anything Mediterranean and a full-bodied red. (Cocktail hour? How about some bubbles, please?)


Family means everything to me -- and although my littles are quickly growing up, I love having a job that keeps adding new faces to my "family"!



The salty smell of ocean air brings me back to my childhood where I spent summers in Maryland on the ocean. To this day, family beach house escapes are my favorite way to relax.



Fresh flowers and sunlit corners. Anything vintage with a little history and a story to be told.  Letterpress stationery is my weakness.

guilty pleasure


London, Paris, Rome - all have been amazing adventures. But my heart is happiest somewhere between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

places i've been



Every stolen moment of togetherness on a wedding day (or any day!) is always my favorite to watch unfold.

part of my job


my favorite things:

But I’m not talking about your childhood fairytale kind of love. Princesses in towers and princes fighting dragons don’t do it for me.
I love those real love stories- ones that are beautiful in their rawness. The love where they run hand-in-hand toward wherever their next adventure awaits. The love that isn’t afraid to laugh at its own expense or showcase its unique quirks.
Your wedding day photos document the beginning of a new family history you’re writing together. They will live on eternally, a time capsule of the day, telling your story and bringing joy to future generations. I strive for timeless images - a clean, classic aesthetic to tell your authentic story. As your wedding photographer, my mission is to create a harmonious environment in which we flow naturally from each special moment to the next, allowing for your day to unfold exactly as you've envisioned it. I give guidance when needed, helping you look and feel like your best self in front of my camera, never posing you in a stiff or inauthentic way. Every photo unlocks a memory, evokes a feeling, and helps you remember every detail of your wedding day. Your photos should celebrate your love, and capture the unique beauty that lies within each of us.

I love a good love story.

A glimpse behind the scenes

Mission &

This is a safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing your own personal values and beliefs. Personally, I identify as a heterosexual female. I was raised in a Christian family. And, my heart is open and committed to love in every form. 
I pledge as a human, as a wedding photographer, and as a business owner to accept, respect and include clients, employees, and fellow vendors of all races, colors, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, ancestries, and abilities. I pledge to be an active participant in the collective journey to overcome the fear of differences and celebrate the power of inclusion.


My mission as your wedding photographer: To shine a light on your love for each other. To bring out the best in you. To share those perfectly imperfect glimpses of life in your shoes. To ensure your wedding photography experience with me is authentic and as unique as your relationship.




about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

My clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and soft spot for home. 

Never too shy to express an opinion, or too careless to crush a dream, you've earned the right to make your own decisions. Yet, you'll always trust the instincts of your home team.

 You're a Steel Magnolia; a Baby that no one would ever dare put in a corner.  


Let's be friends! Follow along for: my latest work, slices of life, photography tips, travel ideas and the things that inspires me daily.


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