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I have intentionally built a business that allows me to bring my values to life through my work. They include: mutual respect, genuine warmth, and friendly, authentic connections.

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Your wedding day is about connection. It’s a sacred declaration of the connection between you and the love of your life. And, it’s a celebration of that connection with your family and friends.

Weddings are no place for a stranger.  As a wedding photographer, I build intimate connections with each of my clients so that when we greet each other on your wedding day, we do so as friends.


destination & domestic


"One of our best wedding decisions was choosingAmy as our photographer!"

John & Que

Connection is Everything

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Your everyday love at its most romantic. Relaxed, natural photos that show who you are together. I gently lead you through movement suggestions (not poses!), providing just the right amount of direction to capture your big love.


a day together


Portrait Photography

"She made us laugh, taught us to be in the moment, and didn't let us take ourselves too seriously."

Madison & Tim

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Elopements are the new luxury wedding experience. An intimate celebration or elopement can be just as lavish and meaningful as a large wedding. No matter the size of your celebration, you deserve visual heirlooms to remember it by. We are happy to craft quotes for intimate events.



to the end of the world


Elopement Photography

"Amy's photos are gorgeous, flattering and timeless."

Katie & Tim

Real Wedding Photography Review

The connections we build, don’t end with the grand exit at your wedding reception! I enjoy photographing many of my clients over the years as their love (and their family) grows

P.S. Fur babies count too!


after "I Do"


Family Photography

"Amy was a dream to work with."


As a wedding planner, I'm always excited to work with professionals that not only provide an excellent service to our clients, but are also excellent to communicate and work with. I will always put Amy as a wedding photographer option in front of my clients!

cHARLOTTE Wedding Planner

I adore beautiful imagery and inspiring locations as much as the next Instagrammer. I just don't have an ego about it. I've been in the service industry since my first job as a teenager at my grandfather's crab house, and I know that getting your hands dirty is what hard work looks like. I'm not afraid to go the distance to get the best shot.

I Know What It’s Really About. (YOU, NOT ME.)

You can trust that I’ll get excited about the things you are excited about, too! I am a natural team player and hearing what inspires you in your relationship guides my vision and helps me get that perfect shot.


i create
your vision.

It takes hours upon hours of practice to anticipate the exact moment to click the shutter and capture your perfect dance floor dip. Whether it’s being in just the right spot on the dance floor, or scouting the perfect for a photo shoot, I’ve done the work. All of that research, patience and persistence - it pays off in your photos.

i know all the best spots.



If you're looking for romantic fine art imagery without having to sacrifice the beauty of authenticity that comes from your rawest wedding moments, I’m your girl. If you dream of ethereal photographs, but want a down-to-earth well-organized process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if this is the right fit.

Let me Tell Your Love Story.

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