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Matching Your Wedding Attire to Your Aesthetic: What You Need to Know


September 30, 2022

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When designing your wedding, you understand how important a cohesive aesthetic is. Your design has probably been influenced by your venue. You are following a color palette and are sticking to a certain style for your decor. Down to the stationery, every detail matters. Perhaps you have even outlined a dress code for your guests! Your outfits for your big day are just as important. What your wear should compliment your wedding theme. Not sure how to select the right outfit?

At the end of the day, it is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing for such a memorable moment in your life. You can achieve this AND stay on theme with the advice in this blog. Keep reading for an overview of matching your wedding attire to your aesthetic. We are going over what you need to know as an engaged couple today!

Understanding Your Aesthetic

Before you can begin selecting an outfit, you need to have a clear understanding of your aesthetic. Even if you haven’t set the final design details, you most likely know what you want your wedding to look like. Create a mood board that accurately reflects your preferences. Add stylistic elements, colors, textures, and photos of your venue to refer to. This can be a simple Pinterest board, a virtual display, or even a physical board. If you are working with a wedding planner, they might create this for you.

Then, define your aesthetic with words. Are you going for a boho edgy theme or a romantic elegant wedding? These definitions can help you describe what you are looking for in your wedding outfit search.

Your Venue Matters

As I stated earlier, your venue has a strong influence over the design of your wedding. Think about the architecture of your venue, the location, and what type of venue it is. For example, if your venue is a modern warehouse space in the city, your design might be more contemporary. Your venue impacts how you dress for your big day. So, a grand ballgown in the warehouse space described may not be quite the right fit. However, a modern dress paired with edgy boots could pair flawlessly. Thankfully, whatever venue you have selected, you already enjoy its style! Allow your venue to influence your wedding look.

Indian Fusion Wedding Uptown Charlotte 681 min -

Remember the Seasons

When you are selecting your wedding outfit, it could be during a different season than you are hosting your wedding. Along with your design style and venue, don’t forget about the seasons! A fur wrap and velvet suit in July can appear misplaced. Choose wedding attire in fabrics and silhouettes that go along with the season of your wedding.

Accessorize Accordingly

Lastly, the way you accessorize can truly elevate your wedding style. You might pick a dress that isn’t fully aligned with your aesthetic, but you love it. Add a fun accessory (or two, or three), that can bring your outfit closer in line with your overall wedding style. This can be a bouquet with the same blooms and colors within your decor for example.

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