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Classic Uptown Charlotte wedding at The Palmer Building


May 26, 2016

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The first thing you will probably notice about this Uptown Charlotte wedding is the huge smiles!  I love the electricity that both Katie and Tim exude, Katie especially can light up a room with her smile and contagious laugh.  I was lucky enough to get to know them both over the last year, and was definitely looking forward to their wedding day after their Clemson engagement session last fall.  Once I get to know a couple (and that happens easily with an engagement session) I tend to think of them as friends instead of just clients.  I love getting their emails filling me in on their wedding plans, or just asking for advice.  I heard from Katie plenty as she was handling the wedding details, while also finishing up her last year of Med school.  I can’t believe that she did both at the same time!!!!

The Clemson University Engagement Session

I love to photograph engagement sessions in locations that are special to my couples.  Katie and Tim both went to Clemson University, although they didn’t actually meet while they were there, they shared so many mutual friends that they ended up meeting afterwards, and fell in love while discussing their shared passion for nachos.  Well, maybe they didn’t fall in love while discussing nachos, but they certainly love nachos…and eachother!  We met on a slightly overcast day on the beautiful Clemson campus and they gave me a great tour of their alma mater.  Since I went to the University of Maryland, I am used to a large campus…but Clemson is just gorgeous!  pictures!

Katie & Tim’s Uptown Charlotte Wedding Day at The Palmer Building

This Uptown Charlotte wedding was bright, colorful and full of amazing smiling faces.  Katie comes from a large family (11 siblings) and so I knew that there would be plenty of Petersons around to photograph.  I was certainly not wrong.  What I didn’t realize, however, is just how much fun it would be!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many hugs, kisses, dancing twirls or giggles in one day.  Every time I looked in a different direction Katie or Tim was hugging someone new and beaming with delight.  They kept their biggest smiles for each other, however.  I loved how they both easily laughed during the ceremony, and held each other tight while we did their romantic portraits afterwards at an Uptown Charlotte park.  We were blessed with an incredible day, and although the forecast kept telling us it would be raining most of the day, it held off until we were all safely tucked into The Palmer Building for the reception…and then LET LOOSE.  Torential rain poured down around the building as the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, and we laughed at God’s perfect timing 😉

As the evening came to a close, the couple and their guests danced to the incredible Zac Brown tribute band 20 Ride, and laughed with friends from college, med school and their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters.  Everyone, of course, was treated to a late night nacho bar, honoring the bride and groom’s shared love for those preceious chips 🙂  We ran outside just as the last of the light was still in the sky to get a stormy sky portrait with the beautiful front of their venue.

The Amazing Charlotte Wedding Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that rocked:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Getting Ready: Hyatt House Center City

Ceremony Venue: All Saints Catholic Church

Reception Venue: The Palmer Building

Band: 20 Ride

Bridal Gown: Alvina Valenta

Bridal Boutique: The Poinsett Bride

Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale, Bella’s Bridesmaids

Florals: Poppies Floral Design

Catering: Family Catering Service

Cake: Icing on the Edge

Hair & Makeup Artist: Cali Stott Artistry

Groom’s  Attire: JoS. A. Bank

Uptown Charlotte wedding photos:

uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 1 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 2 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 3 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 4 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 5 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 6 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 7 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 8 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 9 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 10 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 11 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 12 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 13 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 14 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 15 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 16 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 17 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 18 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 19 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 20 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 21 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 22 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 23 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 24 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 25 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 26 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 27 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 28 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 29 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 30 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 31 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 32 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 33 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 34 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 35 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 36 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 37 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 38 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 39 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 40 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 41 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 42 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 43 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 44 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 45 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 46 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 47 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 48 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 49 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 50 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 51 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 52 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 53 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 54 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 55 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 56 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 57 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 58 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 59 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 60 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 61 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 62 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 63 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 64 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 65 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 66 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 67 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 68 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 69 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 70 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 71 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 72 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 73 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 74 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 75 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 76 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 77 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 78 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 79 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 80 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 81 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 82 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 83 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 84 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 85 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 86 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 87 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 88 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 89 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 90 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 91 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 92 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 93 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 94 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 95 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 96 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 97 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 98 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 99 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 100 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 101 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 102 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 103 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 104 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 105 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 106 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 107 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 108 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 109 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 110 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 111 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 112 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 113 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 114 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 115 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 116 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 117 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 118 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 119 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 120 uptown-charlotte-wedding-palmer-building 121

  1. Tashena Shaw says:

    Oh, her dress, the details, I just love it! And you can just see the love pouring from them. Beautifully captured! <3

  2. Sarah marie says:

    Beautiful work. I love the vivid colors and attention to detail.

  3. Karen says:

    What a gorgeous wedding and your details shots are amazing!

  4. Stacy Peterson says:

    You truly captured the energy, excitement, and joy of the day! Thank you for preserving the memories in a vividly, beauitfully and artistically!

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