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May 24, 2016

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Sometimes we end up exactly where we are supposed to be.  The story of how I met the bride that planned and meticulously created a one-of-a-kind Uptown Charlotte warehouse wedding is one of the heart.  I know that is a heavy statement to start off a wedding blog post, but just hang with me for a sec.  Last fall I photographed this darling, vintage Uptown Charlotte wedding and was introduced to the planner, Jenny Fannin.  What I didn’t know was that Jenny was helping her best friend out in a time of sadness and need.  It turns out that Katie was hired as the day-of coordinator, but suddenly and very sadly, her young niece passed away and Katie went to be home with her family.  Fast forward several months, and I get an email from Katie inquiring about my availability to photograph her wedding.  She didn’t just give me the date and the location.  She wrote at least three paragraphs of detailed information on exactly how this wedding was to be special.  You know what else she did?  She told me that her favorite work of mine is my lifestyle gallery.  Maybe that seems strange given that she was looking for a WEDDING photographer…but she saw something in those intimate photos of mine that instilled confidence in her that I would do her wedding justice.

About the Bride and Groom

Katie told me more about how she and Nick hoped their wedding would come together.  Katie is an artist and an art teacher, she is as creative as she is joyous.  Nick proposed to her in Uptown Charlotte by playing a favorite song and asking her to dance (real dance, like the kind that requires one right foot and one left foot).  Katie loves dancing, Katie loves Nick.  They were in the midst of planning this wedding with plenty of help from their families…when Katie’s niece Gracelyn passed away.  Gracelyn was so excited about the wedding, and her loss made Katie and Nick realize that every single day we have is a gift, and waiting for some prescribed amount of time to put together a grand celebration should never come before their love for each other and desire to start their lives as husband and wife.

Katie & Nick’s Industrial vintage Uptown Charlotte warehouse Wedding Day

Now, if you think that this means this wedding was just thrown together, you are SO wrong.  The amount of thought and pure effort put into every.single.detail of this wedding is incredible.  Down to their wedding rings (which are melted down from family heirlooms and repurposed), the vintage jewelry, hairpieces, personal touches sewn into handkerchiefs and the wedding gown, the amazing metal backdrop installation and the tooled metal cake toppers, everything was made by a family member.  The groom wore a bespoke suit by Corner Tailors, and the bride wore a gown with custom alterations by RCB Fashion.

The wedding was lit by candles, and held in the church that the couple attend at Warehouse 242.  It certainly had an industrial vintage style, of the highest form.  Delicious desserts from some of the best Charlotte bakeries were served, as well as a surprise late night pizza snack!  Oh, and you know what I haven’t mentioned yet?  RAIN.  Yes, it rained the entire day…but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves.  We did their first look outside in the rain, played in the rain after their ceremony and even exited surrounded by sparklers and raindrops.  I might have looked like a drowned rat, but Katie looked radiant next to her handsome groom.

The Amazing Charlotte Wedding Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that rocked:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Coordination: Muse & Delphia; Jenny Ford

Venue: Warehouse 242

Graphic Design (invitation suite & chalkboards): Small Hands Big Art

Bridal Gown: Anjolique with custom alterations by RCB Fashion

Florals: Party Blooms

Dessert Catering:

Polka Dot Bake Shop
Joe’s Doughs
District Baking Co.
Krispy Kreme
Edible Arrangements

Late Night Snack: Jet’s Pizza

Hair & Makeup Artist: Makeup Artistry by Deme

Entertainment: Epic Entertainment

Groom’s  Attire: Bespoke suit by Corner Tailors


Uptown Charlotte warehouse wedding photos:

uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 1 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 2 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 3 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 4 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 5 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 6 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 7 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 8 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 9 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 10 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 11 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 12 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 13 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 14 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 15 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 16 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 18 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 19 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 20 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 21 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 22 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 23 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 24 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 25 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 26 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 27 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 28 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 29 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 30 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 31 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 32 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 33 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 34 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 35 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 36 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 37 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 38 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 39 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 40 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 41 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 42 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 43 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 44 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 45 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 46 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 47 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 48 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 49 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 50 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 51 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 52 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 53 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 54 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 55 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 56 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 57 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 58 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 59 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 60 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 61 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 62 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 63 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 64 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 65 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 66 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 67 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 68 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 69 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 70 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 71 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 72 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 73 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 74 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 75 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 76 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 77 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 78 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 79 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 80 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 81 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 82 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 83 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 84 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 85 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 86 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 87 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 88 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 89 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 90 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 91 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 92 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 93 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 94 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 95 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 96 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 97 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 98 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 99 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 100 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 101 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 102 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 103 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 104 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 105 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 106 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 107 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 108 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 109 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 110 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 111 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 112 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 113 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 114 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 115 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 116 uptown-charlotte-warhouse-wedding 117

  1. What An Amazing Wedding!

  2. Sibyl Falgout says:

    Congratulations Nick, I am so happy for the both of you. I hope I get to meet her one day.

  3. In total AWE at how you so creatively captured the heart and soul and FEELING of every beautiful moment of this day! It’s like being there all over again, only better (because now we get to “virtually” spend the ENTIRE day with them!!). It’s like you were everywhere all at once but I barely remember seeing you at all!!! So impressed with your style and eye for detail! Blown away. Especially given the monsoon like rain we had all day- love how you incorporated and leveraged the weather for such amazing shots – now I can’t imagine it without the rain!! And the images are all so natural – they are all totally Katie and Nick and their personalities – nothing seems posed or staged. Can’t wait to see the rest! ~Jennifer

  4. Christa Rae says:

    I love all of their unique signs and decor! Such a gorgeous wedding!

  5. Crystal says:

    What a beautiful wedding! These look great! I love that venue too… so cool!

  6. Tammy Bunn says:

    I loved everything about this wedding, it made me what to be friends with the bride & groom….the location is amazing and the photos are fantastic!!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    Ooooo, those moody black and whites! With the umbrellas! And the rain!!!!

    <3 So much.

  8. Are you even kidding me with all of these amazing details??!! I wish I knew this couple and had been invited to their awesome wedding!

  9. Nicole says:

    This wedding. It’s so gorgeous. And I love the colors and theme. Beautiful!!!

  10. Trina Dinnar says:

    Wow, gorgeous wedding filled with so many beautiful details and amazingly captured! Great work!!

  11. Debbie says:

    You captured this day perfectly! I can see why the bride and groom asked you to be a part of it… I love how you incorporated the rain with the umbrellas, the light in the raindrops and the reflections in the puddles. Just stunning!

  12. Erin Foley says:

    The photos are AMAZING! Katie was such a sweetheart to work with. Her wedding turned out beyond adorable.

  13. Katie and Nick congratulations, such an amazing wedding!! Amy you are a very talented wedding photographer!!!

  14. Bonny shade says:

    These are amazing! Glad I made the cut! ????????

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