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May 10, 2016

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Mary Cate did something on the day of her Historic Beaver Dam wedding that I have never experienced before.  She stood with me while she could have been rushing about getting ready and just asked how I was doing.  She is the type of person that feeds off of the energy around her, and knowing that I was doing great and everything was going fine would help her to relax on her wedding day.  Amazing, thoughtful and so very kind.  When many brides would become self-consumed and worry solely about themselves and how their day was going, Mary Cate was thinking about the rest of us.

About the Bride and Groom

Mary Cate and Sam are such a fun-loving couple.  They absolutely light up when they are around each other, and Mary Cate has this smile that is just magical.  She spent the majority of her wedding day smiling, laughing and genuinely enjoying her friends and family.  Maybe the first thing you might notice about the groom is his height…he sure is one tall drink of water!  As Mary Cate’s father said in his toast, when Sam first came to the house and had to duck to get into the door, he was shocked!  But clearly these two are made for each other.  The families are close, and it was so much fun watching Sam chest bump each of his groomsmen as if being introduced before a basketball game as he took his place to watch his bride walk down the aisle.

The Historic Beaver Dam Wedding Day

I absolutely loved the Beaver Dam wedding venue Sam & Mary Cate chose to host their day.  It was a little bit country, a lot Southern and incredibly warm & welcoming.  The house has a beautiful front porch with the ferns, the rocking chairs…basically everything you’d expect in a historic southern home.  I loved to be able to incorporate the southern touches in the detail photos and even have Mary Cate put her finishing touches to her bridal look on while enjoying the porch and a nice spring breeze.

Their laid back personalities shined throughout the day.  The first look was sweet and simple, with lots of smiles and laughs.  The groomsmen were probably the most innovative bunch I’ve ever been around, requesting EXTRA time for photographs inside of the barn.  I mean, really…that never happens.  Groomsmen are pretty notorious for wanting as little as possible to do with organized pictures 😉  As I look through these photos I can’t help but smile at all of the JOY I see.  Don’t you agree?  A joyful wedding has no competition in my book!

The Amazing Charlotte Wedding Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that rocked:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Venue: Historic Beaver Dam House

Florals: Roula Economos

Catering: Armin’s Catering

Wine Barrel Rental: Party Reflections

Makeup Artist: Champa

Hair Artist: Kristie Lavae

Cake: Maddy’s Fatty’s Bakery

Entertainment: Carolina DJ Professionals

Bridal Salon: The Lily Rose

Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo

Men’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank

wedding at historic beaver dam house in Davidson, NC dress and veil hanging before Charlotte wedding detail photos of dress and shoes before Charlotte wedding invitation suite for Beaver Dam house wedding beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 6 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 7 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 8 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 9 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 10 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 11 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 12 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 13 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 14 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 15 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 16 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 17 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 18 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 19 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 20 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 21 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 22 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 23 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 24 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 25 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 26 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 27 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 28 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 29 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 30 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 31 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 32 fun bridesmaid picture at charlotte wedding beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 34 fun bridesmaid pictures at charlotte nc wedding beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 36 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 37 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 38 flower girl and ring bearer before Charlotte Wedding beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 40 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 41 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 42 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 43 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 44 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 45 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 46 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 47 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 48 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 49 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 50 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 51 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 52 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 53 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 54 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 55 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 56 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 57 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 58 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 59 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 60 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 61 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 62 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 63 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 64 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 65 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 66 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 67 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 68 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 69 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 70 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 71 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 72 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 73 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 74 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 75 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 76 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 77 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 78 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 79 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 80 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 81 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 82 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 83 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 84 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 85 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 86 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 87 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 88 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 89 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 90 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 91 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 92 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 93 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 94 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 95 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 96 golden sunset bride and groom portrait in Charlotte wedding beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 98 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 99 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 100 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 101 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 102 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 103 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 104 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 105 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 106 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 107 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 108 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 109 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 110 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 111 beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 112

  1. Suzanne says:

    Lovely images!

  2. I love everything about this wedding! The details are amazing, and your shots are beautiful! I love the way you told their story 🙂

  3. Judy Stanwyck says:

    WOW! Perfect!

  4. Lauren Marker says:

    Great pictures! The prettiest bride EVER!!!

  5. Stephanie LaRocca says:

    You captured some of the most beautiful pictures of these two and really reflected their personalities in these photos. You said such sweet things about her and they are all absolutely how she is! Thank you so much, these turned out amazing!!!

  6. Aunt Beth says:

    Beautiful wedding the pictures captured all that was good on that day !!

  7. George White aka The DJ w/ the Beard says:

    Nice job!!

  8. Barry Bryant says:

    In addition to these amazing images, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments about both Mary Cate and Sam.

    Anyone can take a picture but what you have done is capture moments and create memories!

    Your timing is impeccable in these pictures!

    Thank you!

  9. Matte says:

    Beautiful photos for an amazing couple!!

  10. Morgan Smith says:

    These are two of my favorite people and you were able to capture their outer and inner beauties! The photos are amazing!

  11. Ann Dumas says:

    The pictures are lovely and I think you gave a really good sample of the whole evening. Good memories here.

  12. Elyse Long says:

    You are such a talented photographer. Mary Cate and Sam are so lucky to have such great memories to look back on for years to come. Thank you for all yiu did to make their wedding day perfect!

  13. Lilly Liseva says:

    Stunning photos!!! Love your photojournalistic style-it really captured the true emotions of the evening. Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures!

  14. Corinne says:

    Her smile is contagious! Fabulous couple, fabulous pictures!

  15. Julie Murray says:

    You look absolutely radiant!! What a beautiful wedding!! So happy for you both! May your life be filled with much love, and lots & lots of laughter!!!;)

  16. Alice Larocca says:

    Everything was perfect – from the venue to the flowers to the cake & now the photos! Thanks for letting us live it all over again through your beautiful photos!

  17. Madison McMahan says:

    These pictures are unreal. What a magical day! Can we do it again?

  18. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue, and gorgeous photography! You’re obviously a photographer who cares very much about your art and the people who trust their special day to your images. Your comments about their wedding are so very thoughtful.

  19. Tony LaRocca says:

    Great pictures of a wonderful day!

  20. […] bride!  I met Madison when she served as a bridesmaid for one of her besties, Mary Cate, at her Beaver Dam wedding in 2016.  When she contacted me about being the photographer for HER 2017 wedding I was just so […]

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