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Practical Wedding Advice: Say NO to the Dress | Charlotte Wedding Photographers


May 12, 2016

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I’m going to continue my PRACTICAL WEDDING ADVICE series today with some unpopular opinions on choosing your wardrobe for the big day.  You know…basically the first thing you do.

The Dress. There are TV shows about it; it’s the thing we wrap ourselves in toilet paper and pretend we’ve found when we are little (and, admittedly, for wedding showers as well). There’s no denying it – when you get married, the dress is an essential element to the day. But sometimes, despite what’s coming down the runway and popping up on every other page of bridal magazines, you just have to say NO to the dress, to make sure you get the right one for you.

When you’re on the search for THE dress, here are a few things to keep in mind. You can thank me later.


sarah seven dress in field

If the dress is heavy when you try it on in the store, think about what it’ll feel like after hours of standing around, dancing, sweating, and having the time of your life. Like a great pair of platform heels, they are amazing…until they aren’t. A dress that weighs you down might be gorgeously beaded, but is that worth having to pull it up every fifteen seconds during the ceremony? For some brides, the elaborate details (and the weight that comes with them) is worth any extra effort. But, if you know you don’t want to deal, maybe go for something simpler.


robert bullock bridal gown

It’s YOUR wedding – don’t get too caught up in current trends. Wear what makes you feel like a goddamned goddess. If trumpet skirts are in but the idea of waddling like a mermaid all night makes you nauseous, don’t get a trumpet skirt. If your whole family is telling you how gorgeous you’d look in a poofy princess gown but you’re more of the free-flowing beach-weddingesque dress type, go with your heart. Your family will get behind it when they see you in YOUR dream dress (and if they don’t they can keep their lips zipped, thankyouverymuch). Trends are always going to be around, and they can be helpful for opening your mind to new options, but if what you see in the magazines and online doesn’t float your boat, don’t waste your money.


Laboratory Mills Wedding Pictures

Is it hot? Itchy? Nearly impossible to sit down? Does the zipper dig into your back no matter what you do? Look, it’s a wedding dress. I’m not going to lie to you here and say it’ll feel like silk pajamas, but you shouldn’t be horribly uncomfortable, period. When you put it on, you shouldn’t immediately want to take it off. If you do, it’s probably not the right dress. If you put it on and, despite minor discomforts, proclaim to the entire bridal shop that you’re never taking it off again….ding ding ding we have a winner!

There are about a million things to “consider” when it comes to choosing the dress you’ll wear when you walk down the aisle. It can completely overwhelm you if you let it. So, instead, let’s keep it simple. When you find the dress, you’ll know. “That moment” absolutely exists, so when you KNOW, don’t second guess yourself. It’s your wedding, the only person who needs to feel good about the dress is you (because let’s face it – the only other person whose opinion matters is your spouse, and you’ll blow them away no matter what).

beaver-dam-house-davidson-nc-wedding-photos 74

Some of my favorite designers:

Sarah Seven: romantic boho feel with luxurious fabrics

Watters: beautiful dresses in fabrics that BREATHE, and bonus: pockets!

Robert Bullock Bride: beautiful silhouettes to fit any bride and budget

Hayley Paige: Can you say fairytale????

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