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April 20, 2016

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Brenna and Josh contacted me to photograph their intimate Concord NC wedding at The Loft at 14th this past winter — and I was so happy to have their date open in my calendar!  I don’t normally book a double-header wedding weekend because, well, I’m basically dead for two days afterward, but when I learned that they found me through a wedding that I photographed last year, and that Brenna’s mom Amy was there I had to make room in my schedule!  Funny thing, obviously my name is Amy, Brenna’s mom is Amy AND the wedding that I shot last year when Amy met me — the bride was Amie!  I’ve never in my life been surrounded by so many people who share my name!!!

About the Bride and Groom

Brenna and Josh grew up together in the same town and attended the same church as they grew.  The minister at their church said during their service that this was quite rare to have two young people actually from the same church grow up and get married IN that church…I thought it was so special to have those memories of years past within the sanctuary with them on the day they said their vows.

Brenna is finishing up her degree and they will be making a big move to Los Angeles for Josh’s internship at Trump National Golf Club.  While this is an exciting opportunity and welcome adventure for the newlyweds, it will certainly be a big change and maybe make a few people sad to see them go!

The Wedding Day

We arrived on the big day to the girls just sitting and relaxing in the bridal suite.  I have to agree with Brenna’s mom when she said that this was the most laid back bridal party ever!  They sat waiting to get dressed joking over the weight of their makeup and how it is so weird to wear so much of it!  Of course, totally necessary on a wedding day, however 😉

The ceremony was sweet and laid back just as the couple is, very much personal and included sweet laughter and only a few tears.  We took a little bit of time to do some gorgeous romantic photos around Concord and to have a few minutes to themselves before entering the very excited crowd for their reception.  One of the most touching moments of the night was when Brenna and her father Doug stepped into the spotlight for the father-daughter dance and their promise made to one another not to cry fell to pieces as they gently circled and held each other tight.  Those are the moments that have me praying the tears don’t ruin my focusing ability 🙂

They danced, hugged and enjoyed the company of their closest family and friends, and as the night ended we made a special exit with their core group of guests that stayed until the very end to wish them well on their way out.

The Amazing Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that made Josh and Brenna’s day a success:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Venue: The Loft at 14th

Cake: The Sweet Life

Wedding Gown: Robert Bullock Bride

Bridal Salon: Bellissima Bridal Boutique

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Intimate Concord NC Wedding Photos

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  1. Pam Gray says:

    Beautiful couple & beautiful pictures

  2. Holly Lowder says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for taking such good care of my son and daughter-in-law last Saturday. Your blog is wonderful!

  3. Laura Horton says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Congratulations to both dear families.

  4. Anne Corriher says:

    These pictures are wonderful. You truly captured their love for each other.

  5. Amy Stevens says:

    Wow! These are amazing! What a beautiful couple and wedding.

  6. Sandy Henderson says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of such a special occasion.

    Congratulations to this special couple. Wishing you many years of happiness. Beautiful photo’s, so enjoyed every one of them,
    Thank You for sharing them. Love you guys.

  7. Sandy Henderson says:

    Congratulations to this special couple. Wishing you many years of happiness. Beautiful photo’s, so enjoyed every one of them,
    Thank You for sharing them. Love you guys.

  8. Tammy Bunn says:

    Beautiful Photos, looks like dream clients too! Nicely done, great job!!!

  9. Blaire Ring says:

    An absolutely perfect wedding beautifully captured <3

  10. Amy Pruitt says:

    Each time I look back through this blog, I am so glad we chose you to capture this day. Your attention to details and your unobtrusive manner throughout the day was amazing! You feel like family 😉 Much love from one Amy to another!

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