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Practical Wedding Advice: JUST BE YOU BOO | Charlotte Wedding Photographer


March 23, 2017

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Look, I spend a lot of time letting you in on the world behind this Charlotte wedding photographer’s curtain. I give you tips and tricks and offer advice to help you make your experience – and your photos – the best possible.

But today I want to take a moment, take a step back, and remind you of the most important thing happening on the day of your wedding. You’re getting married.

The venue, the dress, the details, the flowers, the food, the photos, it’s all important, but the big deal of the day is this: you are saying “I do,” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There’s a lot of hype that goes along with weddings, and as someone who loves the celebration so much I’ve made a living out of it, I’m not going to tell you the hype isn’t worth a damn. It’s totally worth a damn, it’s worth all the damns you want it to be worth. But that’s the thing I want you to remember as you plan, as you hire your vendors, as you lay out the day, remember that YOU are in charge of what hype you want in your day and what you want to leave behind.

Don’t let your list of worries about what everyone else involved will think dictate the hype. That’s the hype you should leave behind. Your wedding will be everything you could hope for and more if you say no to the hype that everyone else is consumed with.

Your wedding will be exactly what you dreamed of if you listen to your heart. Consider what you want as a couple, and follow that intuition straight through every step of the process. Do your research, set your budgets, but just say no to the hype. If you want a backyard wedding, have a backyard wedding, even if your second cousin thinks you should get married in the extra-expensive cathedral with the gorgeous stained glass windows.

If you click with a vendor, hire them, even if your mother thinks that the bakery who just won the award in the town over would do a better job or your aunt’s in-laws just got a DSLR camera and your aunt wants you to give her a chance at doing your wedding photos. Don’t listen to the hype. Hire the vendors that feel good to you, book the venue that just fits, choose the colors that come easily, have the bridal party that makes your soul sing.

Weddings are steeped in tradition, but these days, things are getting shaken up. These days, the only thing that remains the same is the heart of the wedding – the fact that two people who love each other are declaring that in front of their loved ones. That’s what matters. The rest, well, the rest is up to you.

The advice I give, and will continue to give, is there to help you if you want to look at things differently, but please remember that you and your spouse-to-be should create the wedding that just feels right for you. And leave the rest behind.

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