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Proximity Hotel Greensboro Wedding


June 23, 2016

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This gorgeous Proximity Hotel Greensboro wedding takes a special place in my heart.  I grew up around many military men, worked and played across the street from The Naval Academy in Annapolis…and I am still so honored to be in the presence of the brave men and women that protect our country every chance I get.  This was a different wedding, Ashley and Donnie’s second wedding…to each other.  As with so many other couples, they are forced to spend long spans of time apart.  Before Donnie was deployed last year they decided to elope at the courthouse and “make it official”.  They are both driven, intelligent people…who are madly in love and wouldn’t let a bit of distance get in their way.  So this was their celebration of their love and marriage.  A chance for their families and friends to join them in the love they share for each other.

Getting ready for the wedding at The Proximity Hotel Greensboro

Ashley earned an A+ for her preparations before the wedding.  She did the beautiful florals herself, with help from her close friends and family.  She had every.single.detail set out and organized for us the minute we walked into her suite at The Proximity Hotel.  Her crafty bridesmaids had even called down to engineering to have someone come up and hang Ashley’s gown in a beautiful spot…all before I arrived.  It was like walking into a photographer’s dream.  This simple act of preparation literally started our day off on such a great note, and makes my job so much easier.  I can’t thank Ashley and her girls enough for this!

We were able to photograph the beautiful invitation suite, shoes, rings and groom’s gift all while laughing and enjoying such wonderful company.  The couple shared a first look and then we were able to shoot all the family portraits before the ceremony so that everyone could relax at the cocktail hour afterwards.  Ashley and Donnie are affectionate and fun to be around, and constantly steal kisses 😉

Ashley & Donnie’s gorgeous military wedding at the W on Elm

The W on Elm is a new venue in Greensboro and has such charm!  The wedding was outside on the brick patio and the inside was decorated with touches of navy, gold and white.  I know sometimes people think that photographers are constantly telling people to twirl around, dip and kiss…but honestly these two were just THAT adorable.  Ashley wore the perfect gown to spin and they fully embraced it!  Plenty of military dips were had and several moments where Donnie literally swept Ashley off her feet.  It was such a joy to photograph this couple…I can’t wait to see what the next 1000 years brings to them!

The Amazing Wedding Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that rocked:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Getting Ready: Proximity Hotel

Reception Venue: W on Elm

Catering: Visions Catering

Bridal Salon: The Lily Rose

Bridal Gown: Pronovias

Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way

Florals: Bride!

Cake: Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts

Hair & Makeup Artist: Nancy Bittner

Invitation Suite:

Groom’s  Attire: Various Military

Proximity Hotel Greensboro Wedding Pictures

proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 1 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 2 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 3 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 4 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 5 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 6 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 7 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 8 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 9 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 10 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 11 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 12 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 13 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 14 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 15 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 16 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 17 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 18 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 19 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 20 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 21 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 22 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 23 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 24 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 25 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 26 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 27 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 28 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 29 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 30 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 31 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 32 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 33 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 34 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 35 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 36 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 37 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 38 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 39 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 40 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 41 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 42 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 43 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 44 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 45 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 46 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 47 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 48 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 49 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 50 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 51 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 52 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 53 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 54 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 55 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 56 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 57 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 58 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 59 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 60 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 61 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 62 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 63 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 64 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 65 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 66 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 67 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 68 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 69 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 70 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 71 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 72 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 73 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 74 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 75 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 76 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 77 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 78 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 79 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 80 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 81 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 82 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 83 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 84 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 85 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 86 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 87 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 88 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 89 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 90 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 91 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 92 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 93 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 94 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 95 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 96 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 97 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 98 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 99 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 100 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 101 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 102 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 103 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 104 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 105 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 106 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 107 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 108 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 109 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 110 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 111 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 112 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 113

proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 114 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 115 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 116 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 117 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 118 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 119 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 120 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 121 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 122 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 123 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 124 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 125 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 126 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 127 proximity-hotel-greensboro-wedding-pictures 128

  1. Ashley Olsen says:

    Thank you so very much for capturing our special day! We loved working with you and are loving the photos!

  2. Sarah Geers says:

    I’m in love with these photos! It was a beautiful day for such a deserving couple and to see these gorgeous pictures that captured it all — Wow!! Just fabulous!!

  3. Darla Olsen says:

    Thank you for all of these beautiful memories! You captured our joy!

  4. vickie ebright says:

    Looking at this again. You captured their love!

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