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April 6, 2016

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I was so excited to be asked to do the photography for The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding for Jenny and Steven this year.  My first spring wedding of the season, it was so nice to have beautiful weather and plenty of friendly faces to photograph!

About the Bride and Groom

When I first met Jenny and Steven last year we talked about how every wedding photographer is different and how I tend to look at the wedding day.  I told them that I love pretty things, taking pictures of pretty things, etc. but what I REALLY love is laughing and smiling and actually seeing real life happen before my eyes.  We spent a while going through sample albums and online galleries, laughing about how they were going to be sooooo awkward and I was going to have to pull it out of them.  I left excited, and when I heard back from them to officially book their wedding, they told me that I had managed to excite them about their wedding photography!  Mission accomplished, mostly.

Their Engagement Session

Then there comes the follow-up, you know, the engagement session.  We did their session at The Farm at Brusharbor, and spent hours roaming the fields and getting to know each other better.  Steven tried to tackle Jenny for the football, and I laid/stepped/rolled in cow poo.  Great night all around, wouldn’t you say?  I loved it, honestly.  When you can crack jokes and walk around with a couple you get to know so much about them.  I met Jenny’s mom Debbie and instantly fell in love with her lovingly sarcastic sense of humor.

The Wedding Day

Fast forward to the wedding day.  When we arrived the girls were listening to music and casually finishing up their makeup.  It was such a relaxed atmosphere!  The guys were hanging out in the “man cave” goofing around and playing video games.  As the evening went on, we had a little bus mishap that threatened to rain on our parade but this crowd just continued to roll on.  When all the guests had arrived Jenny made the long walk out from the barn and was beaming as she and Steven said their vows under a handmade wooden sign engraved with the words from their wedding song.  For a couple that is so laid back and easy, they sure are sentimental and sweet.  Speaking of sweet–I almost forgot the BEST wedding gift ever!  Steven bought Jenny a dog!  And dog collar!  And dog tag engraved with their wedding date!  Such a great gift for their new little family 🙂

The surprises didn’t stop at a dog, though!  We also had a rooster show up to the affair!  Well, technically– Cocky!  The University of South Carolina mascot made a cameo appearance and showed us his moves on the dance floor.  Jenny and Steven met during college and so it was only fitting that they celebrate their first day of marriage with a huge piece of their alma mater as well!  Everyone was on the dance floor literally the entire night, sweating and jumping, which of course makes me one very happy photographer.  Dancing = priceless pictures!

As the night ended with the sparkler exit I was just so happy to have been witness to the start of something undoubtedly amazing.  These two have a real love y’all <3

The Amazing Vendors

Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING vendors that made Jenny & Steven’s day a success:

Wedding Photography: Sunshower Photography

Venue: The Farm at Brusharbor

Catering: Best Impressions Caterers

Florist: The Place For Flowers

Cake: Icing On The Edge

DJ: Split Second Sound

Wedding Gown: Watters Wtoo

Bridal Salon: J Major’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Attire: Alfred Sung

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding Photos

The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding Photos

charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 1 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 2 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 3 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 4 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 5 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 6 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 7 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 8 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 9 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 10 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 11 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 12 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 13 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 14 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 15 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 16 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 17 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 18 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 19 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 20 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 21 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 22 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 23 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 24 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 25 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 26 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 27 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 28 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 29 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 30 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 31 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 32 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 33 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 34 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 35 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 36 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 37 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 38 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 39 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 40 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 41 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 42 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 43 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 44 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 45 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 46 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 47 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 48 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 49 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 50 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 51 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 52 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 53 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 54 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 55 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 56 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 57 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 58 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 60 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 61 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 62 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 63 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 64 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 65 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 66 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 67 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 68 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 69 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 70 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 71 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 72 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 73 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 74 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 75 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 76 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 77 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 78 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 79 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 80

Dance Party with Cocky at The Farm at Brusharbor wedding!

charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 81 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 82 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 83 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 84 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 85 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 86 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 87 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 88 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 89 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 90 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 91 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 92 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 93 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 94 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 95 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 96 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 97 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 98 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 99 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 100 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 101 charlotte-wedding-photographers-farm-at-brusharbor 102

  1. Stefanie says:

    What a gorgeous wedding!! This couple put so much thought and personality into their day. Perfection.

  2. Angie says:

    What a beautiful wedding! And great photos! I love all the details captured!

  3. Alex says:

    Love these shots! Also, as a designer, love the invite and the chair that you took the shot of it on 🙂

  4. Life IS better with a welsh corgi heh heh. I really like all of the detail shots! <3

  5. Julia says:

    Great photos! Love the details!

  6. Rebecca Reed says:

    Such beautiful, light and airy wedding photography of the The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding in Charlotte. Looks like it was the perfect Spring wedding full of nature, love and happiness. Great job capturing it all.

  7. Dj Mike City says:

    What a great wedding!

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