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April 13, 2017

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As a wedding photographer, I am often asked about bridal boudoir and whether or not I photograph it.  It isn’t something I post on my website or even on social media for the most part, and that is not because I don’t LOVE it, believe me…I want to share it!  I realize just how much trust my clients put in me when they are comfortable enough to be at their most vulnerable in front of my camera.  So when women want to do something special for themselves and/or their husband I’m fine to keep it private.  When a client is empowered by her session in the way that Michail was, I am so honored to have the opportunity to share how this special session made her feel.  Please read some of her own words on why she chose to do a boudoir session and how it made her feel:

“I knew I wanted to do a boudoir session as a gift for the future hubs but that’s all that I thought it would be – a gift that would really surprise him the night before the wedding and get him excited for the day ahead. The session was so much more than that. I’ve never done such an intimate photo shoot before and I’ve never really seen myself as a particularly sexy person. I wouldn’t say that I dislike my body but there are definitely some things that make me less confident in myself. This session gave me a total boost of confidence and I would say empowered me in a way. I’m usually pretty private when it comes to people seeing me but these photos were definitely whipped out during my bachelorette party weekend and all of my girls “ooh”ed and “ahhh”ed and I felt like a total bombshell. I think the photos themselves also showed my husband that I was confident in myself and I think that’s something men value in a partner.”

charlotte bridal boudoir

“The shoot itself: I was nervous going in.This would be the fourth photo shoot that I had ever done in my life and the first one in my undies. Amy wasn’t a stranger. She also shot our engagement session and I knew from that session that she would be able to give direction and suggest certain shots that I wouldn’t have thought of and that she would make it fun. And it was fun! We picked out the order that we wanted to shoot in as far as “outfits” went. I brought a few different lingerie pieces, my veil, shoes that I would wear for our wedding, and champagne and flutes. The champagne was a suggestion from one of my bridesmaids. She said having a glass (or two) before the shoot would help with the jitters/nervousness. We ended up using it as a prop and it was perfect – one example of a fun idea Amy came up with! Once we started shooting the nerves seemed to melt away. I was focused more on the conversations we were having and moving my body into certain poses. Amy is so professional and was always thinking ahead to the shot that she wanted to capture next so there was never really any down time for that nervousness to creep back up. The fact that we had chosen a semi-public place and were taking these intimate photos outside of a private room was pretty exhilarating! Obviously, we had reserved the venue so no one else was around but still. I think it also added to the “mind blown” effect on the hubby when we saw me laying on a floor out in the open. I would definitely suggest a boudoir session to any bride not just as a gift for your future husband, but as a fun experience that you’ll reflect on and that may even make you love yourself more.”

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